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Foto: Joost Joosens
Heidi Studio_985_HR_B.jpg

The paintings by Heidi Ukkonen explores themes of the mundane such as relationships, anguish, and suffering. These depictions are represented through playfully deformed animations within the life of modern society. Her works are built using materials such as acrylic, oil paint, and spray paint which adds and builds texture to her works. Most of her inspiration derives from her life living in the vibrant city of Antwerp where she has worked since graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 

Her thought process begins towards the end of each day and through trial and error, explosive, colourful and humorous works are brought about. Drawing knowledge and inspiration of the works of Philip Guston, Henri Matisse and Hieronymus Bosch she aims to bring her audience into a world where the usual becomes unusual , where the ugly becomes beautiful and where pain becomes humour.




Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, Master of Fine Arts, painting



Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, Bachelor of Fine Arts, painting​




Galerie LJ, Seoul, Kiaf 

Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Ibiza, Contemporary Art Now

Galerie LJ, Paris, 'Pour Toujours', SOLO

Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Antwerpen, 'Forever...and ever...and ever', SOLO

Tuesday To Friday, Valencia, 'Summer Mix Vol 1'

Gallery Sandberg, Odense, '13-A-Dozen'

Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Brussels, Art Brussels

Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam


Andrea Festa Fine Art, 'The Appearance Formula'

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Goerne, 'Uprising'

Plus-One Gallery, Antwerpen, 'Infinite Flowers Part 4' 

Madè Van Krimpen, Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam

Lorin Gallery, Los Angeles, ‘Feminitiy’

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, New York, Future Fair

Gallery Sofie Van De Velde, Brussels, Art Brussels

Moosey Gallery, Norwich, ‘Suspirium’

Ruby Gallery, Brussels, ‘Ruby and Friends’

Diskus, Aalst, ‘Another Spring’

Galerie LJ, Paris, 'The Ballroom'



Pictura, Dordrecht, 'Richard Waar'

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, 'In Momentum'

Moosey Art, Norwich

Madè Van Krimpen, Amsterdam, 'The Time Is Now'

Delphian Gallery, London, 'All About Eve'

Ruby Gallery, Brussels, 'Stars Are Never Sleeping'

This Art Fair, Amsterdam


Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London, Delphian Open Call Winners 2021

Galerie LJ, Paris, 'Hotter Than July'

The Wunderwall, Brussels

Gallery 46 Whitechapel, London, 'The First Swing Of The Bat'

Cuturi Gallery, Singapore, 'Transcendental'

Deep  Space Gallery, Jersey City, 'The Mothershipment'



Sofie Van De Velde Gallery & PLUS ONE Gallery ART FEEDS NR 2

Paint Talk online Group Exhibition

Marian Cramer, Amsterdam Gallery Weekend 

Four You Gallery, Dubai,  'Hide and Seek' SOLO

Marian Cramer, Amsterdam - TheDon'tGiveADamn's Curated By Sasha Bogojev 

Stad Antwerpen, Billboardproject

@showhousejayjay #SHOWHOUSEARTCALL An Instagram Exhibition 

Sofie Van De Velde Gallery & PLUS ONE Gallery ,Antwerp -The Wunderwall

252 cc – cultuurcentrum Ekeren Kasteel Hof De Bist, Hier hebben we veel werk ingestoken

Curated By Idris Sevenans & Zena Van Den Block



Kopvzw, Antwerp

Kunstpodium T ,Tilburg - "Cowboys and Aliens"

Antwerp Art Weekend,  Showhouse Jay Jay -"My Biggest Small"



ABC KLUBHUIS, Antwerp - Christmas Market

Gallery Golsa, Oslo -"Velvet Ropes"  

Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp - "Screw your courage to the sticking place"

Winter Tuin Antwerp -   "Copy Cat"​​





Kunstpodium T, Tilburg - "Cowboys and Aliens"  

Koen Taeslaar (NL), Kristen Dirkx (BE), Mila Xinyue (CHN), Ralf Kokke (NL), 

Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir (ICE), David Noro (DE), Heidi Ukkonen (Swe)

Overamstel Uitgevers, Antwerp - No Sweat* Benny Van Den Meulengracht-Vrancx (BE),                          Aurelie Salavert (FR), David Noro (DEN), Amber Andrews (BE) & Felix de Clerq (BE)

GIFC, Antwerp



Showhouse Jay Jay , Antwerp - “Bob’s your uncle” 

ABC-Klubhuis (ICE), Coen Vunderink (NL), Diana Roig (NL/ARG),

Hannelore Vandepoel (BE), 

Helene Meyer (BE), Pieter Jennes (BE), Victoria Iranzo (SP), Victoria Parvanova (BG)

& Ime Su Ozbilge (TK)

​Showhouse Jay Jay , Antwerp  - “The ball is in your court” 

Guy Vording (NL), Warre Mulder (BE), Denie Put (BE), Lysandre Begijn (NL),

Annea Lyvv Dreisz (BE)

​Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp - "Screw your courage to the sticking place"

Jack Davey (UK), Maartje Folkeringa (NL), Ralf Kokke (NL), Robert Roest (NL), Emilia                              Ukkonen (FIN) & Heidi Ukkonen (SWE)






L'OFFICIEL, Kaat Wyers, Aug

Marie Claire, Etienne Heylen,  Belgioue Juillet & Aout 2023

De Standard Magazine 10-11 Juni

Kunstletters #021 April/Juni




The Art Coach, Maya Toebat, Issue #9

212 Magazine, “Heidi Ukkonen: Remains of the Day”, Spring-Summer 2022, issue 13: Herland

Juxtapoz Magazine, Suspirium




(PR)OXYMORON, Het Initiatief', a collaboration between art lovers Frans Penne, Yves Vanpevenaege, Alain V. and Johan Van Tittelboom and artist Joëlle Dubois.

Atelier Aan De Slag Met Kunst, 'Door Weer En Wind' Merel Van De Nieuwenhof, Nov/Dec 2021


Archive 00 by Saint Maison

Juxtapoz Magazine, And After All, You're My "Wunderwall" with Heidi Ukkonen, Ralf Kokke and David Noro

Four You Gallery, Angeliki Kim Jonsson

Juxtapoz, Sasha Bogojev

The First Swing Of The Bat
Hide and Seek
Don’t Give A Damns
Only Foxes Get Married In The Rain
Cowboys And Aliens
Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Place
The Ballroom
The Appearance Formula
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